Rotters-2019-MalachyHarvey Artist

Rotters Production Still (Sparky)
sculptures, sound, lighting, script, program

Installation view – June 2019.

Rotters is a situation for four sculptures over 20 minutes, running in a continuous loop.

‘A kangaroo court in a storage cupboard, Rotters (2019) holds four sculptures in a looped dialogue. Two interrogators—Sparky the school locker, and Swall the watchtower—push the reticent Rotter the perspex box, for ‘FACTS’. Haunted by the looming presence of So-N-So and the pressure of uncomfortable memories, Rotters scene-of-the-crime is a collision between different forms of inquest.’

With Kirsty Clark and Samson Dittrich.

Special thanks to Jon Roome and Ghislaine Leung.