Rotters-2019-MalachyHarvey Artist

Rotters Production Still (Sparky)
sculptures, sound, lighting, script, program

Installation view – June 2019.

Rotters is a situation for four sculptures over 20 minutes, running in a continuous loop.

‘A kangaroo court in a storage cupboard, Rotters (2019) holds four sculptures in a looped dialogue. Two interrogators—Sparky the school locker, and Swall the watchtower—push the reticent Rotter the perspex box, for ‘FACTS’. Haunted by the looming presence of So-N-So and the pressure of uncomfortable memories, Rotters scene-of-the-crime is a collision between different forms of inquest.’

With Kirsty Clark and Samson Dittrich.

Special thanks to Jon Roome and Ghislaine Leung.

New Work from Northern Ireland

New Work from Northern Ireland is a touring program of artists’ moving image works, my work Can You Touch at That is included.
Screening at The MAC, Belfast with AMINI as part of a day of events (10/10/18):

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New Work from Northern Ireland Artists’ Moving Image Northern Ireland (AMINI) presents a day of screenings and discussion in association with the MAC, Visual Artists Ireland, Golden Thread Gallery, and supported by Belfast Film Festival. The event will explore Artists’ Moving Image production in Northern Ireland. It will feature a screening of New Work from Northern Ireland: a 2-part review of contemporary artists’ moving image practice from Northern Ireland. This touring programme was created in consultation with curator Alissa Kleist. Free Entry 2.00 – 4.00pm Screening – New Work from Northern Ireland Introduced by Alissa Kleist. Programme A: Constructed Worlds Miriam (2013) 7 min – Myrid Carten Exhibit A (2018) 12 min – Julie Lovett Clown (2016) 1 min – Cian Donnelly Depression (2016) 3 min – Cian Donnelly Fantasy Flesh 2.0 (2018) 24 min – Jennifer Mehigan Running time: 47 mins 
Programme B: Physical Touch Portrait of a Craftsman (2014) 6 min – Myrid Carten Can you Touch at That (2014/17) 12 min – Mike Harvey The Lost Acre (2018) 4 min – Laura McMorrow The Acute Disaster (2012) 12 min – Aideen Doran No More (2012) 16 min – Mairéad Mclean Running time: 50 mins 4.15pm – 5.15pm Talk – Do you want to produce Artists’ Moving Image? The screenings will be followed by a conversation with artist Myrid Carten about her current project, reflecting on production structures both north and south of the border. Carten will be in discussion with Alice Butler and AMINI about how artists collaborate with producers and how this relationship can develop and inform the work. This afternoon programme will be followed in the evening by the Jarman Award Screenings: a showcase of works from artists at the forefront of experimentation in filmmaking today. This year’s nominated artists, Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, Jasmina Cibic, Lawrence Lek, Daria Martin, Hardeep Pandhal and Margaret Salmon present innovative, entertaining and diverse films that tackle the world’s big topics. We will be joined in conversation by Jarman nominee Hardeep Pandhal.

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